Health organizations for women and children in India

In one of the most talked about economies of the world, India, its health care sector is buzzing with a lot of organisations meant especially for the women and children sector. The health sector in India has government, private and NGO bodies working for myriad of causes. Each of these focuses on various pin pointed niches and caters to specific needs in the health care segment. The private healthcare sector is much more popular in India than the public health care sector.

There are various organisations that operate at national at state level throughout the country. World organisations like UN and WHO are involved with the government in eradicating various ailments like polio and work closely to help migrant women and kids. UNICEF India works on the lines of improving maternal health in the Indian community. UNICEF also works with Indian government’s National Rural Health Mission for supporting nutrition and development to the women population. UNICEF’s IMNCI program is specifically designed for newborn children.

The National Commission for women, which came into existence in 1992, is the apex national level organisation that deals with women’s healthcare in India. It’s a body that advices the government of India on all the matters regarding women health. One of the newly launched organisations is the Public Health Foundation of India; its main aim is to address the shortfall of health professionals to address public health issues. The government has also launched the ICDS (Integrated Child Development Services) to tackle nutrition and health related services for children below six years and their mothers. It includes everything from immunization, checkups, supplementary nutrition etc. The ‘anganwadi’ shelters were started by the government to provide very basic health facilities and medicines like salts, re-hydrants and contraceptives to the children and women population of the Indian rural population. The aim of these various government bodies is not just to help the population but also aid in training them to lead a healthy lifestyle and hence build a strong community.

Number of NGOs (Non-Government Organisations) have mushroomed all over the country helping women and children deal with various ailments, malnutrition, infant mortality etc. Plan India Children NGO, Save the Children India, Help A Child etc. are some of the many NGOs that are running various centres across the country. There are voluntary organisations too, like Family Planning Association of India, Bharat Sevak Samaj, All India Women’s Conference and Central Social Welfare Board etc., which work towards achieving heathier women population.

The urban women and child population of India has been benefited from various private sector organisation providing world class facilities; whether it’s related to infertility or the much talked about breast cancer. Like any other country, India is facing some challenges with the health care sector. But given the entry of a lot of private players and the continued efforts of the government to focus primarily on women and child care, the health scenario in India is looking far more positive and upbeat.


Why Sexy Lingerie is Important?

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Best Lingerie Styles at NY Fashion Week

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20 Beautiful Pieces of Lingerie under $30

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A Guide to buying Shapewear

Shapewear is a kind of lingerie that gives a definite shape to the body of the person wearing it. Shapewear is available in various forms such as corsets, camisoles, briefs, full body and so on. In order to get the right shape, you need to buy the right shapewear that will hide all the extra flab and imperfections in your body and give it a fuller and more defined shape. So next time you want to fit into a nice outfit, make sure you slip on a good shapewear before that.


How to buy the perfect shapewear?

Before you buy the shapewear, you need to know more about each. Many people make the mistake of buying shapewear without being properly informed about the available varieties and how they help. If you need some help understanding the various shapewear, take a look at the points mentioned below.


A corset is a sensual and classy innerwear that makes the hips look smaller. It evenly distributes the fat around the abdomen and so it does not show at any one place. The corset also helps you achieve an hourglass figure by making your waist look slimmer and thereby accentuating your bust and your behind.


A camisole is a lot like a tank top but it is more fitted and should be worn under an outfit. A camisole makes the bust look firmer and also gives it more support. It also helps to gently tuck the stomach in. Additionally, a camisole also conceals the marks made by a tight bra strap.


Briefs are tight panties that can be worn to shape up the behind. It can be worn under a skinny trouser or a tight skirt. A brief conceals the excess fat in the area and also makes it look firm. And since it doesn’t have a seam, you do not have to worry about panty lines showing through.

Full body

A full body shapewear usually starts from under the bust and goes all the way to the knees (and at times till the ankle). They give a firm look to the entire body and hide all the imperfections that may be present. A full body shapewear is usually worn under a pair of tight trousers or a long evening gown.

Buying the correct shapewear

Now that you know more about the different kinds of shapewear that are available, you will be in a better position to decide what kind of shapewear you need for yourself. Before you go shopping, you need to take a look at your body and see which part you feel like concealing the most. Some people have a problem with their behinds while others have problems with their stomach areas. So depending on what you need, you should buy a good shapewear.

The shapewear lingerie pieces are available at most lingerie stores, both online and offline. If you need some additional help with your shapewear, you can go to a store and ask the salesgirl for assistance.

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